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Collaborate with me to facilitate your professional growth and clinical competence

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What is

Supervision is not just a professional requirement- it’s a vital asset in the journey of every therapist (or any other professional who works with people), contributing to their professional development.  At its heart is the relationship: a collaborative space that nurtures growth, learning, and skill enhancement. 


I’m dedicated to offering supervision that goes beyond the conventional; it’s a true collaboration, designed to facilitate your professional growth, clinical competence, and to integrate that with your personal circumstances and development.  Working with me, you’ll find the space to reflect on your work, to discuss ethical dilemmas, try out new ideas, learn about new research and interventions, and ponder what might come next in your professional development, all whilst considering your personal circumstances and how they might be impacting your work.    


Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a trainee, together we can explore your clinical practice and professional development, and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself as a professional. 

Ready to enhance your professional journey? 
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As your Supervisor, I bring a wealth of experience and qualifications to help guide and support your own professional journey.  I hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Supervision, earned in 2020, and bring well over a decade’s experience as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  My educational background, post BSc (hons) degree has focused on specialised training in Somatic Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothchild and Polyvagal training at the Polyvagal Institute with Deb Dana, as well as other trainings and research on shame and trauma.


My approach to supervision is deeply rooted in creating a safe and open space.  I believe in the power of authenticity and encourage you to bring your whole self to our sessions.  Understanding a bit about your personal history and current circumstances is integral to understanding your decision making in your clinical work.  By creating an environment of trust and transparency, I aim to ensure our work goes beyond mere tick-box compliance.  I want you to experience supervision as a unique opportunity for genuine growth and development as a professional.


In our initial ‘chemistry session’, we’ll ensure that we both feel comfortable working together and that our working relationship aligns with your goals and needs.  Whether you’re a seasoned therapist, trainee, or other professional working with people, I tailor my work to what you need.  My commitment is to empower your professional growth and clinical competence, as reflected in the testimonials of those people I’ve had the privilege of working with.


Ultimately, what sets my supervision approach apart is my authenticity, honesty, and unwavering support.  I genuinely care about your success and wellbeing, and approach our work as a collaboration; a partnership.  Together we can explore your clinical practice, foster a deeper understanding of your professional identity, and work through the unique challenges and opportunities that come your way.

Meet Your

Collaborate with me to develop your clinical practice. 

Start by booking a Chemistry Session today.

Benefits of Supervision with Me 

Experience & Guidance

Draw upon over a decade of my therapeutic knowledge, skills, research, and experience to enrich your own professional insight and growth.

Tailored Support

Use supervision with me to help you identify your strengths and growing edges, through collaborative exploration and honest, insightful conversations.

Relational & Integrative Approach

I’ll help you integrate personal and professional aspects, allowing for a deeper understanding of your client work, which will enhance the quality of your practice.

Ethical Clarity & Guidance

Navigate ethical decision making with confidence by learning how to balance ethical considerations into your clinical work.

Develop Resilience

Learn strategies to develop resilience as a practitioner, enabling you to reduce the risk of vicarious trauma.

Learn Business Skills for Private Practice

Utilise my wealth of experience to develop your own business skills, as well as clinical expertise, for the benefit of your own private practice.

Ready to experience these benefits? 

Book a Chemistry session to get started.

Practical Details

  • Scope: I supervise work that is similar to my own modality and services.  However, I don't supervise work done with couples or children and young people.  If you're unsure, please contact me in the first instance, for a brief conversation.

  • To Begin: We start with a 60-minute Chemistry Session, which you can book online.  In this, we can discuss your supervision needs and you're welcome to bring a piece of clinical work to discuss to get a feel for how I work.  Use this session to decide as to whether we contract to work together going forward.

  • Convenient Sessions: Experience the benefits of supervision in the way that suits you best. Choose between convenient online sessions, allowing you to collaborate without leaving your home, or in-person at my Edgbaston office on Tuesdays.

  • Easy Booking: The Chemistry Session can be booked and paid for online.  Ongoing sessions are booked directly with me and paid for via direct bank transfer.

  • Emergency Support: Up to 15-minute phone call for emergency support between sessions, free of charge.

  • Review and Growth: Periodic reviews to continue tailoring supervision to your evolving needs and to provide feedback for my own development. 

Ready to initiate your supervision journey? 

Book your Chemistry Session now.

Cost and Payment

  • Session Rate: £80 per 60 minutes. 

  • Chemistry Session: You can book and pay for this online.  It lasts up to 60 minutes and can take place either online or in person at the Edgbaston office. 

  • Ongoing Sessions: These are booked directly with me, not via the online booking system.

  • Cancellation PolicyPlease provide at least 48 hours notice of cancellation.  Any less than 48 hours notice is charged at the full fee for the session duration booked.

Ready to invest in your growth as a practitioner?  

Book a Chemistry session.




Start by selecting a date and time that works for you from the online booking calendar.  You’ll see the available slots. 



On the scheduled day and time, simply log in or turn up for your Chemistry Session.  We'll use this to explore your supervision requirements and our 'fit'.



We formalise the details of our collaboration with a contract, defining our working relationship boundaries and focus of work.

How to Book

Ready to collaborate?  Let’s get started.  

Book a Chemistry session.

"Zoe is an incredible supervisor that does not only role model the real nature of therapy but she also maintains a high standard of ensuring that supervision fulfils its purpose. Personally, I am very particular and needed to work with someone that I knew would be honest, as well as trustworthy. I felt that from the first time I spoke to Zoe and this only enhanced our working relationship in supervision. Zoe demonstrates a real passion for the therapy field and I always felt that she had a passion for me to grow. For someone as particular as myself, I was both grateful and amazed at how much I felt able to share, which also influenced my growth as a practitioner. I have experienced different supervisors in my career and Zoe stands out as the best I have had - keeping in mind; I did like my other supervisors too. Zoe's commitment to accommodating, supporting and challenging me to grow has been such a unique part of my journey. Her ability to recognise my background/interest in Psychology and utilise that for my development was crucial for me. It always kept my interests sparked but more importantly, it was relevant to my learning and practice."

- Supervisee testimonial

Curious about the results my Supervisees have achieved?  Want to achieve similar? Book a Chemistry session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much supervision do I need? The amount of supervision you need depends on your professional organisation’s requirements and, for those in training, is usually at a ratio to your client work. If you’re not a member of a professional organisation or they don’t specify requirements, then we can discuss and tailor the amount of supervision to your needs.

Can we contract for contact outside of our sessions? Yes – if you have an urgent client issue, it’s best to contact me and we can arrange a phone consultation lasting up to 15 minutes free of charge. For emergency consultations requiring more than 15 minutes, a full session fee will apply and we can schedule a dedicated appointment.

Which therapeutic modalities do you supervise? My approach is primarily classed as ‘Humanistic Integrative’ integrating theories of Person- Centred, Gestalt, Object Relations (with a focus on Attachment Theory), and Solution Focused Practice. Additionally, I integrate knowledge from specialised trainings on working with the somatic effects of trauma and shame, such as Somatic Trauma Therapy and Polyvagal Practice. I don’t supervise practitioners solely focused on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Psychodynamic theories.

Which clinical demographic work do you supervise? Presently, I supervise work conducted with individual adults (aged 18+) done either in-person, online, or by phone. I don’t supervise work done with couples, or children and young people.

I need longer than a one-hour supervision session per month – is this possible? Absolutely. Most therapy practitioners opt for the BACP recommended 1.5-hour session. If you’re a therapy trainee, we can tailor your supervision to match the required ration for your clinical hours, accommodating both your professional body and course requirements.

Do you offer group supervision? Yes.

I’m a therapy trainee and need you to also complete forms and a report for my course requirements. How does this work? Typically, we can take a session to collaboratively work through your report, ensuring it aligns with your course requirements. For any additional time spent on admin tasks outside of sessions, I charge a fee of £25 for every 15 minutes. We’ll always agree on this arrangement before I proceed with the additional work.

I’m not a therapy trainee, but I need you to complete reports or forms for various purposes. How do we proceed with this? We can schedule a session to collaboratively work on the reports or forms you need and/or any additional time spent on admin tasks are charged at £25 per 15 minutes and we will agree on this beforehand. It’s important to note that I don’t charge for providing references for job applications.

Do you offer in-person sessions on days other than Tuesday? No, in-person sessions are exclusively available on Tuesdays at my Edgbaston office. Online sessions provide flexibility on other days, ensuring you can access support when it suits you best.

Still have questions?  Contact me.

Ready to elevate your practice?

Book your chemistry session to begin this collaborative journey of professional growth.

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