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Group Therapy for Social Anxiety

Transform social anxiety into social confidence with like-minded people

Ready to break free from social anxiety?  Let’s start the journey together.

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Social Anxiety, Isolation, & Group Therapy

Many people find it challenging to engage socially, particularly in group settings.  Far from being enjoyable, social interactions are experienced with unease, anxiety, and even panic. 

In order to avoid those feelings, who hasn't ever cancelled plans and withdrawn.  But, this temporary relief usually gives way to increased self-doubt, accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt.

Left unchecked, these avoidant patterns of behaviour can begin a slow descent into social isolation and despair, where the desire for connection battles with a lack of confidence to seek it or even get it.

Ironically, the best way to overcome feelings of social anxiety is to take a risk and be with people.  If that thought makes you feel anxious, it's probably a good indication that this therapy group might be good for you! 

This therapy group is designed to help you overcome social anxiety, by helping you feel safer in your own body, more at ease in group settings, and boost your confidence in connecting with others.

Thoughtfully structured to support your learning journey, you'll engage with people who share similar experiences and fears, and who are committed to helping each other develop the skills needed to thrive in group situations.

Ready to conquer social anxiety?  Join the group.

I’ve spent well over a decade working as a therapist, but my passion for group work was ignited during my BSc training.  It was there that I experienced the profound impact of group dynamics first hand.  For the first time, I felt a sense of belonging and connection within a group. 


To deepen my understanding of group work, I studied specialised modules at The Gestalt Centre in London on group dynamics, group facilitation, training intensives, and how to work with challenge, conflict, and confrontation in groups.  This equipped me with a deeper appreciation for what makes group therapy so transformative.


My own experiences as a therapy group participant have shaped my approach.  I’ve experienced the vulnerability that can arise in group settings, and I understand the importance of creating a safe, nurturing environment for healing and growth. 


Beyond my therapy background, I’ve managed teams and also worked as a trainer in corporate settings, which gave me a unique perspective on group dynamics outside of the therapy realm.  These diverse experiences allow me to bridge the gap between therapy and practice, ensuring that this therapy group is not only therapeutic but also practical and life engaging.


My commitment to you is to guide you through this group process, providing a safe space where you can grow your social confidence and ability to connect with others in a way that feels safe and authentic to you.  And, the skills that you develop in this therapy group won’t be limited to social group contexts - they’ll be instrumental in helping you thrive in professional settings too – from team meetings to group projects, and everything in-between.

Meet Your

Ready to boost your social confidence in this supportive group?  Book an assessment session to join.

What You Can Expect to Learn

Develop Somatic Awareness

Learn how to recognise, understand, and stay present with your body's physical sensations and nervous system responses whilst with others, without feeling overwhelmed.

Gain Insights

Therapy group interactions often mirror real-life scenarios, providing opportunities to gain deeper insights into your emotions and behaviours.  Honest and constructive feedback from others can guide you towards positive change.  

Ease Isolation

Sharing experiences and hearing other's challenges can help you realise that you're not alone in your struggles.

Build Social Skills

Through guided activities and engaging discussions, you'll develop essential social skills, allowing you to experience a gradual shift from discomfort to confidence where you're able to navigate group experiences with geater confidence and ease.

Learn Nervous System Regulation

Understand when your fight-flight response is activated and learn techniques to regulate it.  Learn how to feel safer and connect with others in a way that feels right for you.

Feel Included

The therapy group is carefully curated to offer a diverse group of individuals the opportunity to cultivate a sense of belonging, through sharing vulnerabilities, anxieties, and celebrating progress together.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey and gain these valuable skills?  Book your assessment session to get started.

  • Assessment Session: Before joining the group, an assessment session of up to 50-minutes is required in which we explore your needs and goals, ensuring that the group is likely to be a good fit for you.  My trauma-informed approach focuses on your strengths, skills, and symptoms discussed in a safe, comfortable, and non-triggering way.  This assessment session is just you and I.  Book and pay for your assessment session online.

  • Group Size: Limited up to a maximum of 8 members. 

  • Meeting Format: Online sessions held on Thursday evenings, from 18:15 to 19:45, via Zoom.

  • Group Cycle: Consists of an 8-week ‘closed group’ cycle followed by a week-long break.  Full commitment to the entire 8-week period is required.  Existing members have priority on joining the next cycle, and new members can join subject to availability.

  • Summer Break: No session during the summer months (approx. mid-July to mid-August).

  • Next Cycle Start:  The next 8-week cycle begins on Thursday 16th May 2024 and there are spaces available.

Ready to transform your social confidence with this group?  Secure your spot in the upcoming 8-week cycle.

Practical Details

Cost & Payments

  • Assessment Session: The initial assessment session, lasting up to 50-minutes, is priced at £65.  You can easily book and make payment for this session online


  • Commitment to the Group: If you're offered a place in the group after the assessment session and accept it, you have 2 payment options.  Either:

    • Option 1: Pay a deposit of £40 upfront, followed by weekly payments of £20 for each of the 8 weeks.  Please note that this is a financial commitment and even if you leave the group or are unable to attend one or more of the meeting dates, you will still be expected to pay the full fee.  It is also non-refundable and non-transferable to any other day/time or service

    • Option 2: Alternatively, you can pay in full, upfront, receiving a discounted rate of £175 for the entire 8-week cycle.  This option provides both convenience and saving.  Please note that, as with the deposit option, upfront payment is also non-refundable and non-transferable

Ready to join?  Book your assessment session.

How to Join

1. Book an Initial Assessment

Start by booking your initial assessment online.

2. Attend the Assessment Session

Attend your 50-minute assessment session online, during which we’ll discuss your previous group experiences and your goals.  This session is with just me and allows you to experience online therapy, helping you decide if online group work aligns with your preferences and needs.

3. Place Offer

After the assessment session, you'll receive an offer for a place in the group.  You'll have 7 days to either accept or decline this offer.

4. Confirm Your Place

If you choose to accept the place, you'll need to sign a contract.  This commitment includes attending and financially committing for the entire 8-week cycle.

5. Attend Weekly Group Sessions

Attend the weekly group therapy sessions as scheduled.  Use the supportive group to work on your social anxiety and build essential skills.

Start your journey towards stronger social connections.  Book your assessment session to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does group therapy work online, and will I get the same experience as in-person? Online group therapy replicates the in-person experience through Zoom, maintaining the same structure and effectiveness for meaningful therapeutic work.

What happens if there is a technical issue? Technical glitches occasionally happen. When you have your initial assessment session, it’s a good idea to connect using the same Wi-Fi you intend to use if you join the group. This way, you can also assess whether your connection is suitable. It’s also good to consider a back-up if your main connection fails.

How many clients are typically in a group therapy session? The group is limited to a maximum of 8 people, to encourage more meaningful connection and more active participation.

Do I have to talk in a group therapy session? No. Talking in a group session is voluntary. You get to set your boundaries as you learn what feels safe for you. However, being open to sharing can often enhance the group experience.

How confidential is group therapy? While I maintain confidentiality as your therapist, it’s important to note that confidentiality in a group setting can’t be fully guaranteed. Participants are asked to respect and hold confidentiality, but I can’t ensure or enforce it on their end. It’s therefore essential that group members exercise discretion and hold confidentiality of the group process.

How do I join the session? You’ll receive a Zoom invite via email for each weekly session, typically up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Simply click on the link provided to access the session.

Can I also have Single Session Therapy or Ongoing Therapy while being in Group Therapy? During your participation in the therapy group, it’s important to maintain a focus on the group process without additional therapy from me. This helps maintain the group’s structure and integrity. If you think you may want Single Session Therapy or Ongoing Therapy specifically with me, we can discuss it after the group cycle completes.

Still have questions?  Contact me.

Ready to Transform Your Social Anxiety into Social Confidence? 

Book your assessment session to join this therapy group and begin your transformation.  Discover the power of connection with likeminded others, guided by an experienced therapist.

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