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Ongoing Therapy

Let me help you heal from your past and find lasting wellness

Ready to break free from limiting patterns and reclaim your wellbeing?

What is
Ongoing Therapy?

When considering Ongoing Therapy, you may already be aware of persistent patterns in your life; or of situations, behaviours, or thoughts that seem to keep getting repeated. Perhaps you've come to realise that what you're facing is not a recent issue - it may be deeply rooted in your past. If you've been seeking support for a while, you probably suspect that there's more to explore and heal, and that a single-session approach isn't sufficient for the depth of understanding and growth you seek.  Also, if previous experiences with talk therapy have left you feeling like something was missing, it's important to know that the right therapeutic approach can make all the difference. Don't give up on therapy; you may not have had the specialised support that aligns with your unique needs and experiences.


Ongoing Therapy with me is an evolving journey – a collaboration for lasting healing and change.  ‘Ongoing’ doesn’t mean therapy continues indefinitely; rather that you’re not confined to a set number of sessions or a rigid timeframe if that doesn’t work for you.  Instead, your therapeutic journey continues for as long as it takes to ensure you receive the tailored support you need for optimal healing and growth. Unlike some structured approaches, such as the typical 6-12 sessions offered by the NHS, I believe in providing therapy that adapts to your own pace and requirements.

Healing early relational trauma symptoms in adulthood

My particular focus is in understanding and supporting people who are dealing with the effects of early relational trauma (sometimes also called attachment trauma, chronic PTSD, childhood or developmental trauma) in their adult life. 


Our earliest relationships often set the tone for all other relationships and aspects of our life and that impact can be profound and far reaching into many aspects of adult life….. Grief for a recently deceased parent (particularly when the trauma is linked to them) is more complicated.  Adult relationships can lack intimacy and trust as you battle with feelings of anxiety or avoidance.  Lack of validation and love in childhood can result in low self-esteem; feeling like you’re too needy or not good enough.  Being unfairly punished as a child can leave you panicking around people as an adult for fear that you’ll say or do something wrong or simply be afraid to speak up and hold boundaries at all.  Holding yourself back at work because it feels easier to be 'unseen' than to be bullied for outshining others with your natural talent or found out for being a fraud.  These are just some examples of things that might be going on for you.  Understanding the implications of how trauma can manifest in adulthood, and helping you resolve these effects, is where my specialisation lies.


Focus on safety, stabilisation, & regulation (not the trauma)

Our work focuses on prioritising safety and stabilisation - creating a secure foundation for healing.  I'll help you to understand your nervous system, learn to decipher its cues, and master the ability of regulation. The ability to feel safe in your body and environment is a core skill and, once achieved, often requires no discussion of past traumas. The core of this phase sometimes doesn’t feel like therapy in the traditional sense because the work prioritises empowering you with regulation skills instead of talking about the trauma.  Many people experience such a significant improvement in their symptoms during this phase that they no longer want or need to talk about the trauma.  And, of course, this is really useful if you, like many others, can’t remember the original trauma(s) to begin with.


But if you do want to, we can gradually introduce conversations about trauma. This is carefully paced to ensure you can apply and reinforce your regulation skills to ensure that you don’t get re-traumatised. 

Therapy for all, not just those who've experienced trauma

It’s important to note that while my focus is in helping resolve early relational trauma, I also work with a range of other issues. The skills I’ve learned, especially through Somatic Trauma Therapy and Polyvagal Practice trainings, are invaluable for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being and understanding of themselves. Whether you're dealing with trauma, anxiety, stress, bereavement, depression, or simply aiming for personal growth and self-discovery, I can help you develop and change for the healthier.

Ready to break free from the cycle of your past and find lasting wellness?

Hi! I’m Zoe C Smith, and I've been a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for well

over a decade.

My journey into therapy began with training in Humanistic Integrative

therapy. During this foundational training, I discovered my passion for

ongoing therapy. It became clear to me that healing is a dynamic, evolving

process and isn’t confined to a set number of sessions or a rigid timeframe.

Through my experience as both a therapist and someone in therapy myself,

I realised the limitations of traditional talk therapy, particularly when healing

from the effects of early relational trauma. This drove me to further develop

my approach through additional extensive training and continuous

professional development, making me a 'trauma-informed therapist’.  For

me, being trauma-informed means not only being educated and trained in

trauma but being able to implement what I’ve learned to support individuals

effectively as they navigate their healing journey.

My specialisation lies in treating what’s often called early relational trauma—

trauma that occurs within significant relationships in childhood through to

early adulthood, when a person is still developing physiologically,

psychologically, and emotionally.

I’ve trained in Somatic Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild, where I learned body-focused techniques that perfectly align with, and complement, the ethos of ongoing therapy. This approach integrates the wisdom of the body into the therapeutic process and is an essential aspect of my practice.

Additionally, I’ve trained in Polyvagal practice, which allows me to help you understand how your nervous system responds to stress and trauma. Through this understanding, we work together to find safety within relational connections, a crucial aspect of the ongoing therapy journey.

While my primary focus is understanding and supporting individuals dealing with the effects of early relational trauma, my approach extends beyond trauma alone. The skills and insights I've gained from my specialised training are immensely beneficial for anyone seeking to enhance their overall well-being and self-understanding.

My commitment to you is to guide you through your own, individually tailored healing journey. Together, we will create a safe and nurturing environment for your personal transformation, allowing you to find peace within yourself and your place in the world again, and much more able to deal to life's challenges.

Meet Your

Discover how we can work together towards your healing.

How Ongoing Therapy Can Help You


Identify persistent patterns and cycles in behaviour and thoughts, understanding their origins and effects on your life.

Guided &

Utilise the therapeutic space and relationship to explore, plan, and implement changes in a supported and constructive manner.


Cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion and self-acceptance, allowing you to embrace your imperfections and treat yourself with kindness and understanding.

Somatic and
Nervous System Regulation

Develop awareness of bodily sensations and nervous system responses, enabling better emotional regulation and understanding.

Improved Relationships

Enhance your relationships by fostering trust, intimacy, effective communication, and setting healthy boundaries

Emotional Intelligence

Develop the ability to understand, process, and regulate your emotions effectively. Learn how to harness emotional intelligence to make wise decisions and navigate life's challenges with a clear and balanced mind.


Develop resilience to navigate life's challenges, maintaining balance and stability even in difficult circumstances.

Healing and Transformation

Transform past trauma and emotional wounds, facilitating a healing process that allows for a healthier relationship with your history and memories.

From Surviving
to Thriving

Transition from a state of mere survival to empowered thriving, where you embrace autonomy, shedding the weight of past burdens, and living life on your own terms as your authentic self.

Experience these benefits for yourself.  Book a session.

Practical Details

  • Begin with a Deep Dive Consult: an in-depth, 60-minute session where we discuss your history, needs, and goals, where we can explore if we're a good fit and how I can tailor the therapy for you.  It utilises a trauma-informed approach – meaning, even if you have a history of trauma, we won’t be talking about it.  Instead we focus on your strengths and skills, and some of the symptoms you’re experiencing, and we'll discuss this in a way that’s safe, comfortable, and not triggering or re-traumatising.  Bookable online. Cost of £80.

  • Continue with a weekly therapy session: After our Deep Dive Consult session, Ongoing Therapy sessions are then booked directly with me and paid for via bank transfer. 
                   o   Standard Ongoing Therapy Session: 60 minutes at £80.
                   o   Extended Ongoing Therapy Session Option: Should you wish to explore topics in greater depth                         on occasion, there is also an option to extend individual sessions to 90 minutes (bookable in                                 advance and subject to availability).  Cost of £120.

  • Cancellation Policy: 48-hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions. If you cancel 48 hours or less before your scheduled session, the full fee will be charged.

  • Exclusively for Individuals (aged 18+): The ongoing therapy service is designed for individual adults. If you're below 18 or looking for couples therapy, this service isn't suitable.

  • Convenient Locations: Experience the benefits of therapy in the way that suits you best. Choose between convenient online sessions, allowing you to receive support without leaving your home, or in-person sessions at my Edgbaston office on Tuesdays.

Ready to embrace purposeful growth and healing?




Start by selecting a date and time that works for you from the online booking calendar.  You’ll see the available slots. 



On the scheduled day and time, simply log in or turn up for your Deep Dive Consult Session.  We’ll use this to explore what’s going

on for you and tailor the

therapy for your




If we agree to continue working together, we formalise the details of our collaboration with a contract, defining our working relationship boundaries and focus of our weekly work.  

How to Book

Want to see how Ongoing Therapy with me can help you?  Book your Deep Dive Consult Session and let’s find out.


"Zoe is the kind of therapist that gives you the space to be your authentic self completely, and without judgement. I came to her struggling with a bereavement, depression, and anxiety, with the hope of “fixing” them. Zoe has helped me to accept that my feelings don’t need fixing, and has given me a deeper understanding of my experiences so that I can work with how I feel in a healthier way. I can now show up for myself, and as a result I have a much healthier connection to myself and those around me." 

Ongoing Therapy Client Testimonial

Curious about the results my clients have achieved?  Want to achieve similar?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waitlist for appointments? Occasionally, but not usually. If I'm working at full capacity, I usually notify on the bookings page. If you're unsure, feel free to contact me using the contact form, and we can discuss your situation.

How long does an ongoing therapy session last? The Deep Dive Consult Session lasts up to 90 minutes. All other sessions last for up to 60 minutes.

How often do I need to have a session? Once a week. I don't offer therapy less regularly than weekly. If you prefer a more ad-hoc approach or a one-off session, you may want to explore the Single Session Therapy service.

How long will the therapy take overall? There's no absolute answer to this question as everyone's journey is different. During our first meeting, we can discuss the length of therapy, whether it's short or long-term, and adjust as the work progresses.

What happens if I log on or arrive late to a therapy session? The session lasts 60/90 minutes from the agreed start time. If you arrive late, the session will still end at the pre-arranged time. For example, if the agreed start time is 6pm and you arrive at 6:15pm, the session would still finish at 7pm.

What if I need to cancel a therapy session? You may cancel a session without incurring any fee by providing at least 48 hours notice. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur the full session fee.

Do you offer concessions/lower rates? No, I do not offer concessions or lower rates.

What if I encounter technical problems during an online session? While I'm sympathetic to technical issues, I generally won't reschedule due to them. Part of the session fee covers my time, which is allocated for you. However, I'll do my best to accommodate and make the session as productive as possible despite any technical challenges.

Do you offer in-person sessions on days other than Tuesday? No, in-person sessions are exclusively available on Tuesdays at my Edgbaston office. Online sessions provide flexibility on other days, ensuring you can access support when it suits you best.

Still have questions?  Contact me.

Ready to embrace change and embark on your healing journey?

Take the first step today by booking your Deep Dive Consult for Ongoing Therapy work.   Let me help you to break you free from past patterns and build a future of lasting wellness.

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