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Single Session Therapy

Focused support when you most need it, in a one-off therapy session

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What is
Session Therapy?

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed by a specific issue and need immediate support?

- Single Session Therapy can help.

Single Session Therapy offers swift assistance in a one-off session, tailored to your unique needs and goals and making the most of your existing strengths and skills, enough to give you momentum again.

We'll work together to source potential solutions, develop coping tools, gain practical strategies, or make a breakthrough decision. 

No waitlist. No assessment. No having to commit to long-term therapy.

Single Session Therapy is perfect for:

  • Gaining a fresh perspective on a challenging issue.

  • Getting some things off your chest.

  • Testing the waters of therapy without a long-term commitment.

And, while a standard Single Session Therapy session lasts up to 60 minutes, you also have the flexibility to choose an extended session (of up to 90 minutes) for deeper exploration. The choice, as always, is yours.


Access help from wherever you are with convenient online sessions, or book an in-person session at my Edgbaston office on Tuesdays.

Schedule a single session today and get the support you deserve.

My passion lies in helping people heal, find solutions, and move forward - even within a single session.

With well over a decade of experience as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I use more of my Solution Focused and Single Session Therapy training and skills. These approaches allow you to gain a fresh perspective, tap into your strengths, and develop practical strategies – all in one session. My trauma training further ensures we can effectively and safely address various challenges within this timeframe.

I believe in your innate ability to solve problems and navigate challenges. Through our collaborative work, we'll identify your strengths and develop personalised insights, coping strategies, and potential solutions. This isn't a quick fix; it's a tailored experience that empowers you to see new possibilities and enables you to continue progressing on your own.

Meet Your

Schedule a session today and let's explore how Single Session Therapy can support you

How Single Session Therapy Can Help You

Timely Support

Help when you need it, without a long waitlist or lengthy assessment session beforehand

Bridging the Gap

Receive interim support while on the waitlist for another service, without losing your place in line (the NHS has a long waitlist)

Quick Assistance

Book your preferred session time, complete a short questionnaire, then log on or turn up for your appointment

Gain Traction

Gain the help you need to kickstart momentum, often enabling you to continue making progress without further therapy

Insight & Solutions

Gain clarity, valuable insights and potential solutions in just one single session


Enjoy the same confidentiality and privacy as traditional therapy

Commitment Free

One therapy session, without a commitment to ongoing work, but the option for more sessions if needed

Emotional Support

Receive emotional support quickly, during challenging times

Experience these benefits for yourself.  Book a session.

Practical Details

  • Individual focus: Exclusively for individual adults (aged 18+)  

  • Choice of Location: Online most days, or in-person sessions at my office
    in Edgbaston (Birmingham) on Tuesdays 


  • Flexible Session Length: Your choice between a standard 60-minute
    session or an extended 90-minute session 


  • Pricing:
    Standard 60-minute session: £95 
    Extended 90-minute session: £142


  • Easy Booking: Book online for quick scheduling and secure your session
    with an upfront payment


  • Preparation: After booking, you receive an email with a questionnaire, to
    help tailor your session.  Complete it at least 48 hours before your session.
    (Note: I
    f you don’t return your questionnaire on time, your session will still
    proceed but may not be as tailored to your needs)

Ready to get started?  Book a session to work with me.




Start by selecting a date and time that works for you from the online booking calendar.  You’ll see the available slots. 



After booking, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire to provide some background info.  This helps ensure that our session is tailored to your needs.



On the scheduled day and time, simply to log into Zoom or turn up at the office for your Single Session Therapy appointment.

How to Book

Ready to dive in?  Book your appointment now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Single Session Therapy session? During a Single Session Therapy appointment, we'll focus on the one (or two at most) issues you outlined in your questionnaire answers and work together to explore strategies and solutions to enable you to move forward.

Is a Single Session Therapy appointment really just one appointment? Yes and no! It's designed to be a one-off session, and your commitment is just for that one session, to help you get some momentum with whatever you're currently dealing with. However, if you find it beneficial you are able to book another Single Session for whenever you want. Alternatively, you might decide to move on to another of my services - Ongoing Therapy or Group Therapy and we can discuss that if that's something you're interested in.

Will a Single Session Therapy appointment solve all my problems? Never say never, although it's unlikely. But don't let that put you off. Most people are strong and very adept at coping with and solving their issues alone (hello, lone wolf!). If that's you, you'll likely find that one session gives you enough traction to enable you to do the rest of the work by yourself. If I think you might benefit from longer term therapy, I'll also let you know that, with no obligation to book any further sessions.

How do I choose between Single Session Therapy and Ongoing Therapy? The answer depends on your needs and I'd encourage you to trust your own judgement in this. If you want immediate support for a specific concern with no further commitment, Single Session Therapy might be a better fit. But if you know there are a lot more things going on for you and you've suspected for a while that you might need more ongoing support, then Ongoing Therapy is likely a better option. If you're still unsure, then contact me to discuss this further. Your wellbeing matters the most.

Can I have a Single Session Therapy appointment even though I'm on the waitlist with the NHS? Absolutely. Single Session Therapy can provide interim support while you're on the waitlist for longer term therapy elsewhere without affecting your place in the line.

If I want to go on to Ongoing Therapy or Group Therapy, after my Single Session Therapy appointment, do I still need to book an assessment beforehand? Yes. The Deep Dive Consultation (for Ongoing Therapy) and the Assessment Session (for Group Therapy) provide the opportunity for a more comprehensive exploration of your history, symptoms, strengths, coping skills, and needs, which ensures that we can collaboratively tailor the Ongoing Therapy or Group Therapy to support your goals.

Do I really have to complete the questionnaire beforehand? Although the session can go ahead without it, I'd recommend that you complete it. It's part of the process because it helps you to gain clarity around what the issue is and what you want to use the session for, which saves valuable time in the session itself. It also helps me tailor the session with your stated needs, ensuring we both can make the most of the session time.

Which system do you use for online work? I use Zoom for online sessions. You can easily join the meeting via your web browser without needing to download the app, by clicking the provided meeting link, enter the meeting ID and password and join. However, there is more functionality in the app and Zoom recommend that you use that.

I had Ongoing Therapy with you before a while ago and need a bit of help again, is it okay to book a single session? Yes, it's absolutely okay to book a single session even if you've had prior therapy with me. Single sessions are a flexible option for anyone seeking brief support. However, please note that I don't offer single sessions to individuals I'm currently working with, such as those in group therapy. This helps maintain the focus and integrity of our ongoing therapeutic work. If you have specific questions about whether a single session is appropriate for your needs, feel free to reach out, and we can discuss your options further.

Do you offer in-person sessions on days other than Tuesday? No, in-person sessions are exclusively available on Tuesday at my Edgbaston office. Online sessions provide flexibility on other days, ensuring you can access support when it suits you best.

Still have questions?  Contact me.

Ready to reclaim clarity and gain momentum? 

Book your Single Session Therapy appointment and let me help you get your life moving forward again. 

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