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Lone Wolf, I see you.....
Strong. Independent. Surviving.
But struggling.

Wouldn't it be great to move beyond survival?
To rest. To heal. To reconnect.
To thrive.

I can help you.


Welcome to Lone Wolf Therapy Services

Hey, Lone Wolf, I see you! I know that you're the type of person who probably likes to deal with problems by yourself - and there's nothing wrong with that! We only learn how to be competent, resilient adults by trying to problem- solve and resource solutions ourselves. 


But sometimes, life can get a bit too challenging, a bit too stressful, a bit too painful - way beyond the limits of what we can usually cope with.  And the longer we feel like this, or the worse the challenge, the bigger the toll on our mental and physical health. 


A healthy lone wolf, knows when to reach out for help.  An unhealthy lone wolf, uses self isolation to feel safe, which can work well in the short term but create additional problems later on.

Why do I get this?  - because, lone wolf, I am one too. I understand the hesitation you feel at the thought of seeking therapy. The fear of losing your hard-won independence, of therapy dismantling your self-forged strength and protective walls.


But trust me, the right therapy won't weaken you - it will empower you and free you from the daily prison you’re living in, inside your very own skin.

No Lone Wolf was meant to survive alone forever. At Lone Wolf Therapy Services, I offer a place where your strength is honoured and celebrated, not diminished or pathologised.


  • Want immediate help but not so keen just yet on longer term or weekly sessions? Single Session Therapy is for you (which you can also use as ad-hoc/ fortnightly - whatever suits you)

  • Aware of deeper issues that you know will need more than a one-off session? Ongoing Therapy, with an initial Deep Dive Consult, is the place to start.  

  • Needing to work specifically on social anxiety with others who share that experience? Group Therapy might be your best bet. 

We can work online, from the comfort (and safety) of your own home, or in-person at my office in Edgbaston, Birmingham on Tuesdays.


Whatever’s going on, for however long, together, we'll work to restore your balance.

Welcome home.


Even strong people
need help sometimes

About Me

Hi! I'm Zoe C Smith, a dedicated Counsellor and Psychotherapist with well over a decade of experience. My approach integrates cutting-edge research and specialised training, including Babette Rothschild's Somatic Trauma Therapy and Polyvagal practice. At Lone Wolf Therapy Services, I guide individuals through transformative healing, focusing on early relational trauma and the repair of toxic shame. Intrigued to learn more about my story and expertise? Click below and let's begin your journey towards lasting wellness.

"Zoe is the kind of therapist that gives you the space to be your authentic self completely, and without judgement. I came to her struggling with a bereavement, depression, and anxiety, with the hope of “fixing” them. Zoe has helped me to accept that my feelings don’t need fixing, and has given me a deeper understanding of my experiences so that I can work with how I feel in a healthier way. I can now show up for myself, and as a result I have a much healthier connection to myself and those around me."

Ongoing Therapy Testimonial 3




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Lone Wolf, ready to thrive?  Strength doesn't mean going it alone.
I can help

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